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To Innovate and Prototype 

To Start Your Own Social Venture


Are you dissatisfied with your job?

Do you think you could start and run an enterprise but don't know where to begin?

Do you feel your job does not do credit to your skill sets and ambitions?

Do you feel you are unemployable because of a college education that did not do justice to your intelligence?

Do you simply wish to start a STARTUP?

Join us for starting one with 100 per cent sure fire success, without hurting the planet.

We have incubated:

Urban Mali Network

PHC Lifestyle Clinic

Farm Fresh Bangalore

Growing In Nature

Horticultural Therapy Healing Centre

AltLab Innovators

Under Incubation are:

Building Resource Hub

The Free Spirits

3D Arch Visuals

IdeinLab Innovations

and 2 ventures under innovation

Send us your details if this excites you. 

These pages will soon sport an online course. Until then we shall be happy to incubate you on a personal basis.

Be blessed!

Send us your enquiry

You can expect a call from us in a week's time. Please check the phone number and email details before pressing the submit button.

A few pre-conditions to join this program:

1. You should agree to finalise idea for business after mapping them against the results of an innovation activity we may do together. Please do not get stuck with a business idea without validating it with us.

2. You should love meditating, eating vegan-whole-food-plant based foods or at least be willing to explore and change over to the lifestyle we prescribe.

3. If you come from a not-so-prolific University, you will be given preference over others from premier universities as we assume you would be keener and faster to unlearn and relearn :). Graduates from prolific universities are welcome provided they have the mindset to unlearn and relearn as well!

Be blessed!


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